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Thread: How particular are you with how a knife looks?

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    Looks play an important role for me (especially the handle and inscriptions on the blade), however the performance does take priority. Then again in my eyes all the Japanese knives I have seen so far look gorgeous anyway.

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    I like sharp spines and crappy handles, gives me an excuse to work on them and upgrade the handle. But the looks in terms of blade shape and profile are important to me. Maybe it is conditioning, but the better performing blade shapes also look more attractive to me.

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    I am a home cook and knives are tools to me. That being said I like to have good tools and if they look good I like them even better. So I would have to say that performance tops looks but if I can have both I prefer that.

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    performance over looks all the way. i like my ebony handles so i was able to get both.

    i would like to clarify that F&F indicates care and quality of the smith. i dont prefer damascus but i find that it falls into the looks part along with handle upgrades and things of that nature. usually if a knife is really well made, the details show. there are not many great cutters with great tempered steel and wonderful profile that do not have great F&F.

    there are people who like to buy knives for looks and have them as showpieces and there are those who buy a knife because it is a tool. nothing wrong with either, so long as they do what is intended.
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