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Thread: Does your knife have soul?

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    Do my knives have soul? Some have a little bit of "I don't know what", for sure. My Carters and my Rodrigue make me feel good when I use them, and it's more than just the performance. The feel warm in the hand, and the cuts are almost intuitive. I often get my fingers within a hair's width of the edge and feel secure, almost as though the blade is being guided by more than just my hand.
    My Misono moly feels good because it is light and nimble, with a razor's edge AND it was a gift from wifey. It's great to use but I think I reach for it often because I truly give a crap about it.
    My Dad's old Henckels chef has more soul than James Brown and a choir combined. The handle is beaten, the tip is bent about 3-4mm to the left and there are dings all over the spine and choil, but it will NEVER be taken off the rack unless it's being used/washed/moved with the other everydays. There is a concept of "Soul Vessels" that I find intriguing in part because I was raised with antiques/heirlooms all around me, and partly because some items just speak to people. It's a pretty out there concept, an inanimate object containing soul, but then again so is a soul, at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salty dog View Post
    The one I'm using.

    I'm not being flip.
    I see what you mean..

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    I'm very Shinto in my beliefs that everything has a soul, so I would have to say yes. Though, saying that, there are differences in the quality of that soul. Take for instance a 75 year old butcher's cleaver I have, it's the wise old soul that has seen everything, and has no pretension about it, just gets the job done, shrugs its shoulders, and asks whats next. As for the difference of my 10 year old henckels and some of my hand forged knives, it like comparing a minnow to a sword fish, the sword fish gets the awe every time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaybett View Post

    Tell 'em Jay...........It's a F'in knife, oh man my craftsmen screw driver has "soul"

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    This has been Eamon, wishing you peace love and souuuul....

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