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Thread: Induction cooktop

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    Quote Originally Posted by mhpr262 View Post
    I am just a home cook but I love my 2000W portable induction cooktop. It is indeed great for bringing stuff to a boil quickly, but they suck at simmering, because many devices can be regulated only poorly in the low range. 400W is the lowest setting on mine and it will easily boil off an inch of water over 30 minutes when I boil potatoes for four persons, even with a full 3 liter pot. Of course that maybe not so much of a problem with the much bigger pots in a pro kitchen. The full on/ completely off - regulation method is also not ideal for sensitive stuff like pudding or sauces. Even with the best cookware it heats up so quickly that the heat can't be spread over the bottom of the pot evenly.
    None of these problems are present with good commercial units.

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    The Vollrath Mirage Pro is the cheapest 1800W induction unit that offers enough control and power settings to be worth buying. The build quality is also excellent. The sad truth about all other cheap induction burners is that they really only have 10 or 12 power settings, and it's next to impossible to dial in a simmer. You're either going to be full-on boiling or not-hot-enough. And the low end control is garbage so you can't gently melt chocolate, for instance. The Vollrath has none of those problems. AND -- and this is a big "AND" -- it has a knob on it. I don't know if you've ever tried to adjust the heat on a pot with a goddamn membrane switch before, but it is not a pleasant experience. Having to poke at your burner with your finger to adjust the temp is just barbaric. The Vollrath's knob is quick and intuitive -- and it makes the thing basically feel like you're cooking on gas.

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