Well, it was a bunch of stuff. Very weird vibe in the kitchen, bad atmosphere. Turns out I used to work with people who worked with one of the executive chefs and the head chef. Neither were given glowing reviews by the people I talked to. The schedule wasn't ideal, pay was not enough to make me overlook things. The executive chef had offered me the job in the interview, and then I stuck around to work the line, and I am glad I did.

About a month later I applied for an anonymous job on craigslist, turns out it was the same place again. This time the head chef called me, and said, apparently you are still looking for a job. I said I was. He asked if I was interested coming aboard now. I asked if the schedule or pay would be any different. He said "If you can do everything you claim you can do, we can work something out." This was just a line cook job, and I had never claimed or bragged I could do anything, I don't know why he had so much animosity. I was in the middle of something at the time and asked if I would be able to call him back in a minute. He responded with "If you have to think about it, I already have my answer." I literally laughed into the phone and told him I don't have to think about it at all, and my answer is no. I am supposed to commit to a job over the phone without knowing the hours, schedule or pay?