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Thread: Custom Wa Handle Maker in Canada?

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    I was gonna mention HC but wasnt sure if he was still doing handles

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    So close to NYC I would say NYC ... but don't tell a native New Yorker!
    Why only Canada? I know your CAD exchange rate sucks, but depending on how much Canadian makers charge there might be cheaper options in the US, including shipping and exchange rate. If you spend over 120$ CAD on a WA made in Canada, send me a PM and I'll give you a cheaper option in the US. And the work is TOP NOTCH!

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    Tried sending you a PM, inbox is full

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    I have used Mokuzo also. He likes making Sayas the best, but does wa-handles often.

    Here is when he did my honyaki
    the handle is (bottom to top) - Resin/brass/ resin/brass/ bog oak/mammoth ivory/brass/resin/brass/resin/brass/Resin, in that order haha.

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    Hi All,

    For those who tried to PM me, sorry about that...did not know my inbox was full. I have now cleared some room!

    Thanks to all for suggestions.

    If I don't find someone in Canada I might just use a US or other maker. I have this block of Amboyna here in Canada, so sending it across a border to a maker and having him send it back to me across a border seems like it could cause problems. Don't know where Amboyna sits in regards to CITES, but it has gotten so bad that I would not send a block of rosewood or ebony across the Canada/US border. And shipping international two ways will be more expensive by a fair bit than shipping within Canada two ways. Plus, we still have about a 25% disadvantage on exchange with the US. So I'm just trying to see if there is someone in Canada that I might not know about.

    In terms of Mokuzo, I got him to make me a custom saya last year. He did deliver it, but the experience was not one I want to repeat. If anyone needs details I can PM. Nor trying to tear the guy down, but things did not go smoothly. Obviously others here are happier than I was, which is cool.


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