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Thread: Hand held chamfer tools for de-burring

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    Hand held chamfer tools for de-burring

    Apparently I created a dust-up in another thread
    when discussing the use of 45* chamfers
    for finishing the non-cutting edges of a blade
    (a/k/a spine and choil).

    In any event, to atone for my sins , as It seems these tools and techniques are not well known,
    I thought I would share something that may come in handy to people here in this sub-forum.

    For those outside the US they are sold under many brand names, including Exact.
    Check your local markets for options relevant to you.

    Please note that these tools are hole-making tools,
    and obviously not intended to be used on edges or to be a part of that debate.

    Just handy tools I thought someone may like to see if they are not already familiar with them

    (The video is in the context of making knives of course)

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    Interesting. Have you used the deburring tool on a spine or choil? How does it compare to using a file?
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