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Thread: Deba for home cook?

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    Tojiro Western Deba.... do bear in mind that the with of blade is almost the same as its gyuto... Basically a thick double sided gyuto...

    rgds Z

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    I have a 240 Tojiro DP yo-deba and quite frankly I find myself reaching for it even to clean and fillet whole Atlantic mackerel. My chicken destroying device is a honesuki tho, a deba could never be as nimble around joints nor as useful scraping meat from bone. When I need to go through cooked chicken bones or entire raw carcasses I pull out the 240 yo deba.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robenco15 View Post
    What is a common use for a Deba in a home kitchen? Even necessary? They intrigue me, but not sure the point.

    Not absolutely necessary. Meant for fish butchery, though you can break down a fish with chefs knife or fillet knife.

    That said, get one if you have an interest in traditional Japanese knives and cutting techniques. I have an Uraku deba that I'm very happy with, use it a fair amount. Lots of cool factor holding suck a substantial piece of metal.

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