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Thread: Sushi Book Recmmendation

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    Quote Originally Posted by evanjohnson View Post
    I just looked at your link. Nice book. I'll be ordering one as well. (You should look into getting an Amazon referral through your website; though I understand Amazon's new sales tax vendor arrangements may not allow it since you are in Cali.)
    I actually do have that... but i did this last night from my tablet. If anyone cares, heres the link with my amazon associates

    Sushi Book

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    I just ordered a used book, for $5 shipped. Thanks for the recommendation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBroida View Post
    I actually do have that... but i did this last night from my tablet. If anyone cares, heres the link with my amazon associates

    Sushi Book
    Thanks, I got tied up last night and never ordered it. I'll order through your Amazon link so that you get the credit.

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    Nice book for beginners concerning traditional pattern knives but not a whole lot for those already acquainted with basic Japanese techniques. But really good if you've never studied the subject before, I'll give mine away if you pay shipping .

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    I'm about 2/3 through Ole Mouritsen's Sushi: food for the eye, body & soul. So far I think it's an alright book - a really nice, broad overview that would be a fantastic first book on sushi - but all along it feels like I'm just skimming the surface on things. I don't get a feeling of real intimacy with the subject.

    The author has done a lot of research, evidenced by the extensive bibliography, but it feels "removed" for exactly that reason - it's a second-hand account of the subject matter as opposed to a first-hand account from personal expertise & experience.

    I am about to get to the section on individual ingredients, so perhaps that section may sway me, but thus far I have been slightly disappointed with the book. I expected more depth - not necessarily on the McGee level, but more than what's here. My expectations, however, reflect the fact that I've previously read a number of books on sushi and Japanese cuisine and I have a life sciences background from university, so much of the content covers ground that I'm already familiar with.

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    Jon recommended that book based on my request for a good overview, im reading it and finding that the level is perfect, it goes far enough to not treat you like an idiot but does get into ridiculous levels of detail.

    So i think we are saying th esame thing, its a great starter boo but not a definitive guide


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    actually, the bibliography is where its at

    I do that for a lot of books... read the book and then track down their references to learn more

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    I will definitely get the book recommended in this thread, thanks!

    One book I liked quite a bit was The Connoisseurs Guide to Sushi:

    I didn't care too much for the writers flowery descriptions at times which seemed like just excuses to prove how smart and how good of a writer he is, but there was a lot of information on various fish and preparations. Its not about actually making sushi but I like the book. I borrowed it from the Library but want to buy the book as a reference unless anyone can recommend others which might do it better.

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    Ole Mouritsen's Sushi: food for the eye, body & soul I'm only about a quarter through: Ole Mouritsen's Sushi: food for the eye, body & soul and although I enjoy the style I can't say I've learned much. Most of what I've read so far is about history of sushi (I did learn a fair bit here) and basic biology (nothing a decent high school course doesn't cover and I found few connections to sushi so it seemed to be superfluous to the focus of the book). I hope that the farther along I get the more focused on sushi the book will get and hey for a buck ninety used on amazon its worth it just for the pretty pictures.

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