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Thread: Re-handling a forgecraft knife

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    Like the Wa boning knife. My favorite profile for a robust boner.

    I've a slicer and I just can't find anything it's well suited for. Thinned and rehandled it still sucks as a slicer. I would not put any work into another.

    Older and wider..

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    Ha - No choice - I bought a few just to practice on. I'm with ya though. Not sure what to use it for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PappaG View Post
    So give me some honest opinions. It was a lot of work to grind the tang down with an angle grinder. thanks for the tips.

    I'm torn. I'm not sure the larger 8' slicer goes with a wa handle.
    I have not glued it down yet.

    The couple Yo artifex I cut down we’re stuid easy. You may want to file/sand the finish after.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keithsaltydog View Post
    The Hickory handles fix up. Sand to bare wood polish up the pins. Even out any irregularities spine & scales. Gaps you can epoxy & clamp. I found cleaned up & couple coats of finish the Hickory wood has a nice look.
    What do you use on the hickory handles? BLO or Tung oil?

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