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Thread: That time of the year. ECG Anyone ??

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    Hell no Dave. He can fly in....

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    Having attended a couple of these I can tell you that it is a brilliant gathering of very hospitable folks.

    Warren is a slave to the kitchen but what comes out of there takes my mind off the (momentary) guilt I feel

    With so many demo's this year I have to say that this may be the best year yet.

    My wife and son will be coming again, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves last time (even with Iain's unexpected dip in the fish pond )

    We are looking forward to seeing some familiar and some new faces; even Ryan's

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    I will figure it out but i am definitely going to be there. Jon's coming back in, Butch, now Tim Zowada, o yea and the rest of you guys

    I will be there no worries about that, plus I will have a few new toys to show off!

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    i might hav eto talk kelly into bringing the kids out for the day but you can bet i ll drive out as im hanging out wit tim and dell and dave asl long as i can

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    Jon, feel free to ship any product ups early. Easier than dealing with airport

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBroida View Post
    its official... flights, hotel, and car booked

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    Yes Jon!!!!

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    I'm supposed to be in the land of knife crazy people, and it's a wasteland over here!

    Maybe next year after I hit the big time.

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