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Thread: That time of the year. ECG Anyone ??

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    was jsut at supergrit and got 50$ in grinding belts to go with the others i have in the shop to take out

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    jsut picked up the plug to make the cord for the grinder and im stoked about getting there and working/eatiing ooo and showing off (4 steak knives are all buit finished to go with the tuna sword that is now sharp)

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    Butch, have you set a price on the "sword" yet? I can't wait to see it Saturday (or Friday )

    We're starting to run out of storage room for all the food

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    i have in my mind the price and after talking with the proper ppl it seems to be just about right tho in a way its a slightly odd number (i ll tell you the story when i see you friday

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    That would be odd but I'll still take it at that price

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    Hi All,

    I am on my way, just put the first leg behind me, after 12 hours on the road!!! More driving tomorrow!!!

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    i hav ethe grinder base built and now in the AM i ll be unbolting and then puttign the grinder in the truck and finishing the power cord (bopy i need the clean up the dust around the shop)

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    I'm not sure if the word is out yet, but I won't be able to make it. My wife went to the Emergency Room with chest pains and trouble breathing. The doctors aren't sure what happened. I just feel I should stay close.

    Delbert has offered to do my Damascus, Tamahagane, Wootz talk, if you guys want to hear it. Dave will also be bringing my first prototype Damascus Wa-Gyuto for you to play with.

    I'm told that, "anticipation is half the fun". I hope that's true. I'm already looking forward to next year.

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    Wow, really bad fortune. I hope it's not too serious. I can't be there because it is on the wrong coast.
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