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Thread: That time of the year. ECG Anyone ??

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    oh man, a chance to meet Del and Hoss, all while enjoying the company of Warren, Dave M, Butch, and the other stars from last year?!? All combined with automatic weapon firing?!? This is really turning out to be a 'don't miss it' event!
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    BTW, we're also expecting to have some demos. David (the Boardsmith) is going to do a bit on maintaining your cutting boards and I believe Dave is working on something as well

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    Maybe these guys don't know who Tim Zowada is Dave? I can't believe there was no reaction. This is shaping up to be the best ECG yet! Maybe you should post something about his work. I can't believe we'll have so many accomplished blade makers in attendance!

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    That never occurred to me since I've known of Tim for so long but that's a good idea.

    Tim Zowada is a well accomplished custom knifemaker who has spent at least the last 30 years making high end custom knives as well as his own damascus that he has supplied to the knife industry on many levels. In the last few years Tim has dedicated his pursuits towards making the best straight razors that money can buy. See Zowada Razors @ ClassicShaving

    In the past 1/2 year or so Tim has started down two addtional paths, the first making his own Tamahagane steel made from beach sand from Lake Michigan while employing modern methods to pull the most performance possible out of this method of steel production. The second is in entering the field of high end kitchen knifemaking where he will produce a limited amount of kitchen knives each year in both his own damascus and likely Tamahagne too.

    For those of you who know about Tim's work you will know how well sought after these kitchen knives will be.

    As for Tim coming to ECG, well we invited him and he accepted. He's going to be discussing some of the things that he's working on so expect a small presentation from him. I know that I'm not going to miss this for anything.

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    im glad to have talked with Del today and this came up (i dont read much of the OT stuff

    kelly was asking abut this not long agao and i had told her i had not heard anything

    now i can start making plans (kelly may or maynot be able to make it )

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    Quote Originally Posted by l r harner View Post
    i dont read much of the OT stuff
    Dave, maybe you should add a sticky to the general forum with a link to the other thread and the signup sheet?

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    I already did. There's an announcement at the top of the forum page.

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    it turns out there might be a small chance i can make it out there... kind of excited

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