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Most of Danny's will need a few years before it is ready.
Last I got from him had a moisture content in the upper 20s.
To buy wholesale he offered it to me at $20 a pound. I passed.
Yeah, he does get carried away with his prices occasionally, thinking top ebay prices = wholesale... My advantage is that I can pick and choose when I am there. But I just passed on the b&w ebony he has, most larger pieces had cracks already and that didn't make me very hopeful. Well, I layed away one smaller piece to try it out... And I did cut up a few small pieces of his amboyna into blanks a while ago, hoping they will dry a bit faster that way. It's difficult to get below 14% out here anyway, but so far I no problems with that. His satinwood is really nice, though, but also may need a bit more time.