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Thread: Bonsai Trees Anyone??

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    Shoot -- missed this thread before! 2 islands rock. Leathered granite tops?
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    Tried and failed with bonsai--in part due to a tree-eating feline. Now I'm attempting Niwaki. That way I don't have to worry about the care and feeding of inside plants and can still try for some sculpted trees. We just can't have plants in the house with this wretched cat. I've been trying to breed some roses and had seedlings coming up on a windowsill. Thought they were disappearing due to damping off fungus; they were actually becoming cat chow.

    We're fortunate enough to live near the Pacific Rim Bonsai collection in Federal Way, Wa. AMAZING place--some of the specimens are hundreds of years old. This rhododendron (photo from Coenosium Gardens website--more at supposedly originated in 1485.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TamanegiKin View Post
    Man! I could probably just stare at that guy for hours.

    Quote Originally Posted by TamanegiKin View Post
    And this guy is what I always imagined the Yggdrasil would look like. Might have to scale it up by a thousand, but yeah. Geez, never cared really about bonsai until I saw these. I get it now.

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    Here is an interesting story, (and website) to poke around in.

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