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Thread: Recommendation for a stone to carry in my bag?

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    Recommendation for a stone to carry in my bag?

    So I'm looking for a stone i can either leave at work or carry with me, i was thinking like a 2-3k stone but then again I'm not sure.

    I currently have a dmt xxc, gesshin 400, king 1k, 6k, and a takashima.

    I think the 1k is a little too course for what i normally like, and the 6k is a little too refined after a good hard day or two if i need to touch it up while at work.

    Id be using it when it starts to feel dull, and stropping isn't really bringing it back.

    I normally sharpen at this point but today i was at work at 5am and really needed a stone, needles to say it was a rough day with a dull knife.

    Id like something light and smaller if possible so that my bag wouldn't be super heavy but then again i want something that is of good quality.

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    I've never used a shapton but that's probably where I'd go, in your position...

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    3k Chosera,
    4/8k Norton combo, or just the 4k if you do not care to polish to 8k
    I have the 4k GS but not very happy with it for knives.
    Those are the stones in that range that I have tried so far.

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    3k Chosera. Very fast und very nice edge.

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    GS stones are small, light, splash-n-go, very quick, very hard and don't need flattening often. I just brought mine back east to visit my folks and sharpened some of my mom's (German) knives. They are really short so they need some type of holder unless you've got an elevated base to put them on. I'm not saying they are the best stones for kithcen knives, as I've heard many people don't like them, but it's all I've got so far. They are convenient and I can make a very sharp edge very quickly. I have 1k, 4k, and 8k. 4k edge is quite toothy and suitable for kitchen work; I like the 8k edge better though. Often I just do quick touch ups on the 8k. Maybe a 6k would suite your needs?

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    Shapton pro 2k. Best stone in that line, aggressive needs no soaking. If you can soak, go with the rika.

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    Shapton Glass 3k, 4K or 4K(S).

    Only because they're light, compact, splash and go and they'll work. Because they're effectively immune to water, they'll not take up water and if you put one away damp, it's not going to kill it. They're not bad at this grit level either. I'd highly recommend keeping it in a Shapton Pro case to protect it somewhat. You can fit 2 of most GS in a Pro case, so you might be able to stick in a 1K as well, just in case you need it. The 1K isn't bad at all.

    The 4K(S) is a polishing type stone in that the grit breaks down somewhat in use. If you don't catch the edge at the point where it's just starting to drop off, then this one might not be best.

    I'm no fan of Glass Stones at all, but in your situation they're ideal. And they do work.



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    Had to laugh, I just came over from a photo forum where people discussed how to make their bags lighter and here people add stones to their bags


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    Quote Originally Posted by apicius9 View Post
    Had to laugh, I just came over from a photo forum where people discussed how to make their bags lighter and here people add stones to their bags

    Haha hahahahaha

    I only have the 500x glass stone....I won't be buying more. it feels terrible and loads FAST.

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    You know, a small natural would probably actually be best.

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