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Thread: Martell Knife Blanks: WIP

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    Food release

    Quote Originally Posted by Miles View Post
    So far it's really nice. Ive been testing it on various veg. Release is pretty good. Time will tell as to how well it holds up. But honestly, I expect it will take a couple sharpening sessions before it settles into it's true sweet spot. Since I'm the one using it, I'm not too worried about it. I don't think I'd make anything this thin for anyone else. The balance point is where you would want it to be and I'm happy with the handle. I modeled it on the handles on the Suisin IH series. It feels exactly as I had hoped it would.
    Anything in particular you think contributes to its good food release?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheflivengood View Post
    my progress. 220 vertical scratches. s ground with ferric chloride.

    Grind looks excellent, good job so far!

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    Quote Originally Posted by merlijny2k View Post
    Anything in particular you think contributes to its good food release?
    I left it pretty much full thickness at the spine, or fairly close to it and ran it down to very thin behind the edge. That's my guess.

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