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Thread: Honyaki care for a pro?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LucasFur View Post
    I see people talk about flitz often.
    I have used Autosol to polish with really good results (in my opinion) i just put a dab on paper towel and rub till the paper towel falls apart. it removes all patina and puts a full mirror polish on really anything.
    I actually find it works faster then using a dremel because of the amount of surface area and always produces a more even finish.

    anybody have an opinion on autosol?
    Yup, Autosol followed by a bit of fingerstones if I really want to make an effort.

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    I haven't used it on knives, but for the razors I've restored, Maas polish has worked much better for me than Flitz.

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    Autosol is my #1 choice for removing rust and deep patina, it is powerful and fast. It is not foodsafe and very very hard to remove from your knives. It is oil soluble so make sure after washing with detergent, to oil the knife and wash again, usually more black autosol will come off with the oil.
    A good knives wont make you better, only practice will, a good knife should make you practice.

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    +1 for autosol

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    "anybody have an opinion on autosol?"

    dont have flitz in my region..

    I use autosol ( a paste like polish) on the buffing wheel for faster work and also by hand at times.

    I have also tried Pikal ( japanese polish) as recommended on some forum. But it is a fine liquid polish for that ultra fine finish.

    I hv tried Brasso also.. a liquid brownish/yellow polish... smells like hell.

    To wash off the polish I use Jif ( rebranded as CIF)... a creamy white stainless steel cleaner/polish... great for the SS kitchen sink and works well to scrub off the black stuff on the blade after polishing.. A one step solution .. clean the sink and knives...

    Hv fun Z

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    ok so thats it.
    Pro care.
    Use, sharpen and polish, give a good thinning once in a while and repeat.

    Missing anything?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LucasFur View Post

    Missing anything?
    Yes..finally step: enjoy!!!

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