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Thread: Audiobooks

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    So I am trying to do some spring cleaning and I have switched over almost completely to digital audiobooks, but I have quite a few on cassette tape. If you are interested let me know. I have 11 cases that hold 48 cassettes each(I think) as well as some books in the original packaging. Mostly scifi and fantasy. All of these have been listened to(some of them many times) sothey are not new and I know cassettes are going out of fashion. I am not really looking to get a lot of cash out of these, but they are far from worthless. I would be most interested in bartering.
    To whet your whistle I have the complete hobbit and lord of the rings and piers anthonys incarnations of immortality series.
    Anyone who is interested let me know and think of some interesting trade goods

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    I'm always listening to audiobooks in my car (sorry, no cassette player!). Sometimes I sit in my driveway for a few minutes when I get home too absorbed in the reading to shut the car off.

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