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Thread: Mystery knife on Chopped

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    Mystery knife on Chopped

    I was watching last weeks chopped and one of the female chefs had a strange looking knife i didnt recogonize

    Best way to describe was like a 240 mm nakiri slightly shallower but clearly a western handle that looked classic Shun. It was not a slicer or bread knife

    Just bugging me what it was

    Can someone educate me please

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    probably a broken tip gyuto, I can't think of anything else.

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    Do you have any more info that might let someone track down the episode? Like the name of the chef, the date/time of the broadcast? Not much to go on from the little you have.
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    It was a new episode last week, so broadcast 10/29

    The chef's name was Jessica i think, it was the white girl, items included raw greem almonds and barrimundi

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    Is chopped on HuluPlus? I might be able to go back and check.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr drinky View Post
    Is chopped on HuluPlus? I might be able to go back and check.

    I don't see it, there are only five episodes from a year ago. I want to see this mysterious knife.

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    I'm guessing It's the Negikiri from the B/S/T here and was somehow converted from wa to western.

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    Its episode 103 from series 10, the chef was Jackie Baldassari, Roundsman, Olde York Country Club, Chesterfield, NJ .


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