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Thread: Rock Blade UK

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    Can I merge this thread with the "Ugliest Knife" thread already?

    "God sends meat and the devil sends cooks." - Thomas Deloney

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    You think these beautiful handmade damscus blades are ugly ?

    What about all those shiny mirror finish ugly japanese blades with the writing on ? they dont even know your suppose to sharpen both sides, and whats with those handles made out of old bits of ebony and buffalo horn, why cant they use nice new freshly painted wood like the damsacus ?

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    I would steer clear as far as possible, they have been discussed a few times on other forums, consensus being Pakistani copies of other makers designs:
    In this thread Jerry Hossom emailed them to requested they cease using his bird and trout design and after some discourse he was threatened with further theft of his designs

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