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Thread: white steel, for those who love it ,please tell us

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    white steel, for those who love it ,please tell us

    the reasons why.

    On paper it's not all that impressive. I don't have much experiance with it, a couple of Carter's, but it does get very sharp and is very easy to sharpen.


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    I would estimate that is why it is loved so much. Gets amazingly screaming sharp, and does so rather easily, and has decent enough retention.

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    I have no experience with it, but on paper it is not too much different than 1095/W1....At least from what i saw, maybe i am a bit off on this.

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    I guess the low amount of S and P sure helps to set the Hitachi paper steels apart from some other "plain" carbons.

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    Well, as it is already been stated, white steel gets very sharp, very fast. Granted it won't hold its edge as long as blue or AS steel, (especially on poly, I can feel my kono getting dull after so much use, but I do put a high natural finish on so won't say that, that doesn't help) But it's kind of a fun steel to have and use. My .02$

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    I have a Carter in white #1 and i love it. It's my first knife in white #1, and it gets ridiculously sharp and is so easy to sharpen. I have found that it holds an edge longer than a few other carbon steels i have as well. I will be looking for more knives with this steel in the future.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DevinT View Post
    the reasons why.

    On paper it's not all that impressive ... but it does get very sharp ... .

    I must be made of white steel.



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    Excellent question Hoss, my guess, mythology.


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    As a guess, white steel is more popular among home cooks than pro cooks, for two reasons:

    1. Home cooks can sharpen whenever they feel like it. Pro cooks might have to go for several hours between sessions on the stones.
    2. White steel seems to be be more reactive than blue. Again, home cooks can wipe it off after every carrot if they want to. In a pro kitchen it might sit around wet a little longer.

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