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Thread: Konosuke HD?

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    Konosuke HD?

    Hi Guys
    Long time "listener" first time "caller"....
    First let me say that I have trolled through all 40 odd pages of past posts. There is a bunch of good info there, but no single post answers my "question" exactly.... Hence this post.
    I am looking to take the "plunge" into owning my first truly Japanese kitchen knife.
    I am a home cook and, while I do not handle a knife that much (my wife will tell you she does most of the cooking), I DO require that it be sharp, and I enjoy using a really sharp knife.
    To give some background, my current kitchen arsenal is as follows (cringe):
    Shun Classic 210mm Gyuto
    Shun Classic 180mm Santoku
    Shun Classic 150mm Petty
    Shun Classic 90mm Parer
    Shun Classic Bread Knife
    Mcusta Black 210mm Gyuto
    Mcusta Black 110mm Petty

    Realistically, given the nature of use, I have not been unhappy with the knives in any way. At the time of purchase I thought I was being "clever" by not buying a set of Globals...
    After "wrecking" the finish on my knives using the global 2 stage waterstone pull through sharpener, I progressed to using Naniwa "Superstones" (one step down from Choseras) in 400, 1000 and 3000 grades.
    After taking a sharpening class and some practice, I was able to create and maintain a pretty good edge.
    I have since been given a WEPS sharpener with various stones and strops, and have been able to attain more consistent results with this.
    I find, interestingly, that although all my knives use "VG-10" steel, the egde on the Mcustas seems keener, and also lasts longer. Probably something to do with the heat treatment?....
    Until now, I have found a 210mm knife to be more than ample, however it seems that 240mm is a popular size for a Gyuto.
    I guess by the time you use a pinch grip (which I am starting to do more lately) you still have plenty of blade left to play with?
    Having done a lot of reading, I don't believe that a Carbon knife is for me. While I do look after my knives, I dont really want to have to deal with reactivity, patinas etc etc.
    I just want a knife that will get REALLY sharp and hold it's edge well.
    After some reading, it seems that a KONOSUKE HD Wa-Gyuto 240mm would seem to be a logical and safe choice. I like Japanese style handles and hate the sight of riveted handles....
    I am just wondering if there are any SanMai type, or other Semi-Stainless knives, that I should also be giving consideration?
    ZDP-189 also seems attractive, albeit price-prohibitive...
    Other info:
    My budget is up to $500.
    I don't want to wait months for delivery of a custom knife.
    Would also appreciate any advice on where to buy online.
    I am based in Australia and have seen Konosuke from CKTG, Tosho and JKI. Wonder if I am missing something.
    I would prefer an "upgraded" handle from standard Ho Wood.
    I think that this post will also be useful for other "lurkers" looking to take the plunge into the world of Japanese knives.
    Thanks in advance. I look forward to your learned comments and suggestions.

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    If you budget is 500 id look at the Masamoto KS as an option.

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    I bought a Konosuke 240mm sujihiki from CKTG and am very happy with its performance. Edge retention is good and it cuts like nobody's business, so I would recommend the Konosuke gyuto.

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    You can buy an outstanding knife for $500. Perhaps you could provide a little more info about what you want in a knife so the members here could help you a little more

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgraeff View Post
    If you budget is 500 id look at the Masamoto KS as an option.
    He doesn't want carbon steel.

    Konosuke HD is a fine choice. I very much enjoy using mine although I find my handle (the ebony upgrade) is a little smaller than I'd prefer (It isn't tiny.) Nevertheless, I would consider Yoshikane or Heiji ( These are both semi-stainless steel clad in stainless. I have both and prefer the Heiji by a fair stretch but they are both great knives. The style is a more "rustic" than the KonHD but still well finished, esp the Heiji.

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    For $500 I'd suggest a Heiji from JKI.

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    Better confirm how stainless is semi-stainless..

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    i own a konosuke HD and enjoy it very much. if you are a home cook this knife will last you forever. the good thing here is that you have already started teaching yourself to sharpen. lots of people come through and pick up a good knife with no clue how to maintain it. if this wasn't the case i would recommend something a lot cheaper to get started on but konosuke seems to be a great choice for you.

    i would like to hear more about exactly what you are looking for in your knife. you could buy one or two knives that will replace every knife you currently have in your arsenal. help us help you
    It's like my ol' grandpappy used to say; "The less one makes declarative statements, the less apt he is to look a fool in retrospect"

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    My Konosuke HD 240 is a superb knife: perfect grind, fit and finish; light, nimble, and well-balanced; cuts like a demon. Potatoes stick to the blade, but you gotta ask yourself:

    "How often will I be cutting potatoes?"

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    The kono hd is a great knife, and 500 bones can get you pretty far, but I think I might hit up one of the makers from this forum to see if I could get one in cpm 154 or aebl made exactely how I wanted it.

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