if you want a "laser", you could never go wrong with the suisin inox honyaki or the konosuke HD. although i do not own a suisin gyuto, i have a 210mm petty and it is quite the knife. on top of that, it has been revered for quite some time. my HD is a great knife and gets some heavy use. i dont have a problem with chipping ever so its not as delicate as i first thought that joyful day i took it out of the mail and held it for the first time. both of these knives will come in under budget but because its your first "real" japanese knife, maybe looking into a cheaper variation might be in the cards for you. from what everyone says, sakai yusuke makes a very similar knife for a lot cheaper. if you dont plan on buying another knife, go with the suisin or konosuke but if you wish to further a budding obsession, at least give some cheaper variations a good look.