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    me like.... now, there are two western handle I really love...Marko & Rader!!
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    Wow, Marko! Those are gorgeous!
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    It took carter decades to find capable people and some were paying moderately huge sums for the chance to take his classes.

    If mid-tech meant he could work with with his 20 something son who'd been the the shop for ages and finished his metulrgy masters it would be different than hiring and training someone.

    All these guys have taken different paths to get where they are, and to me that adds to the value a handmade product. I can knock out most of my kitchen work with reground crap knives. Getting special ones is about having some fun, and a story helps that along.

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    To the contrary, Henry Ford was concerned that his quality would be compromised as well. So he created a method for standardizing production. It can all still be done in house by one guy. Just create batches of things as opposed to one off's. Limit the offering selection and batch sizes, again like what Devin does. He produces perfectly consistent pieces, in small controled batches and we're all lucky for it. I can't wait for my #2 ITK to arrive. Love to say the same about a Marko someday.

    Quote Originally Posted by EdipisReks View Post
    I don't see how standardizing the line reduces quality.
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