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    You need to be a president or pope to get into next

    L20, i beleive the chef just left so im not really sure

    another place getting good reviews is Q, gourmet BBQ

    Youve also got Vermillion if u like indian, Graham elliot if you like wacky ( although ive heard bad things )

    For breakfast there is a place near white sox park called nana which is fantastic, get the duck fat gravy and biscuits !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by welshstar View Post

    I live in Chicago and would absolutely endorse Frontera, the hype is valid. some of the other suggestions are also good but places like Gibsons, Rosebuds and Portillos while good food are a dime a dozen in Chicago.
    OK, sorry.


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    Thanks for the tips guys. I should probably have mentioned that I'm going to Italy for two weeks (life is good!) a week after Chicago, so I'm probably going to skip Italian for the time being.

    I'll have to look them over and discuss with the GF. Publican looks really interesting, but the GF can't do pork or shellfish, so that might be a hard sell. Maybe I can tactically break up with her for two hours so I can go eat some pig.

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    Sorry, my fault.

    Didnt mean to be disrespectful, we are spoilt in Chicago, i beleive its the best food city in the US, im sure that NY gets some love for that title also but where i think Chicago wins out is the huge range of food and even bigger number of options for each of those foods. Rosebuds is a great place to eat but what I menat to say without being so cocky was that there are at least 50 great steakhouses in downtown chicago and there is not that much difference betweem them.


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    Laurent Gras, the chef when L2O got three Michelin stars, left immediately thereafter which sucks. The food looked so amazing when he was there.
    "Don't you know who he is?"

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