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Thread: Suisin sharpening fun @ JKI

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    you found out my secret... i actually work at sur la table If you've ever been to "japanese knife imports" you would know that

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    Wow, that's a really nice polish you made, Jon. What stones did you use? Not that naturals of the same name will be the same...I'm just curious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBroida View Post
    i'd rather not say... its a trick i picked up along the way in my training
    cinder block and cardboard?
    "God sends meat and the devil sends cooks." - Thomas Deloney

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    actually, i prefer sidewalk to cinderblock and toilet paper on a hard flat surface to cardboard

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    That is one pretty Knife, you must have some special jewelers spectacles to get that kind of finish

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vertigo View Post
    No way, that's all Edge Pro.
    So that's his secret.

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    I've seen Jon perform this process, and it does seem sorta like a magic trick.

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    Well, he did give away some clues..

    a) Hamaguri edge. unless you rock it and that even it will be hard to get it so uniform...

    b) and reading on Dr. Naka's 5 part Kitaeji maintenance, it should NOT be a stone that gives mirror or semi mirror shine as that will destroy all contrast.

    c) Getting it so uniform without the finger job can be quite challenging.

    d) Could be the swarf from one of the Jons Synthetic stones then.. Not the mirror polish grit....; maybe a mix

    Just pondering... Excellent finish and skill


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