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Thread: Zombie weapon of choice

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    Zombie weapon of choice

    You are at work, or at home in the kitchen when the zombies start shuffling into your neighbourhood. You have to leave, you can take one item from your kitchen.

    I love my 270mm konosuke hd but its too light to feel like it could do much damage. I think with that all you'd be able to do is stab their brains through their eye. Deba is the meatiest knife I have, but its so small. Would probably do a fine job smashing brains from the tops of heads.

    Or would you resort to other kitchen equipment? Fire extinguisher? Frying pan?

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    Well I guess I need to start keeping the light 20 gauge in the kitchen...

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    desert eagle .50

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    Range would be my interests... farther away so I don't have to smell them For up close Lodge frying pan, thick and heavy lol

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    Maybe all the knuts would get eaten after stopping to admire the awesome zombie-patina forming.

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    Jon. What the hell is that?

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    My new (to me) 270mm Tadafusa Deba. It must weight almost 2lbs and has a spine almost a centimeter thick... Yeah I think I'd send the zombies running.

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    You said "shuffling", which can only mean that the crucial first step of Zombie preparedness is done--determine if they are slow zombies or running zombies. The slow ones, no problem. From my kitchen, I'd grab food--my EDC stuff and wits should get me where I need to go just fine.

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