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Thread: Zombie weapon of choice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seb View Post
    Blades and edges weapons (axes, swords) are no good because the suction or wedging in skull or bone would cause you to lose the weapon and then how would you take down the second and third and fourth ones and so on??
    Convex grind my friend, no wedging, excellent zombie-release.
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    As a climber I'd take my ice axe and hammer

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    alright, the running vs. walking zombie quesion is answered, but you forgot the more important one: what kind of zombie is it?
    there are three types of zombies:

    Chemical Zombies: still "alive" but were created by chemical warfare. brain is the target.

    Bacterial Zombies: created by biological warfare. if we go by "i am legend (the BOOK)" logic, then the only way to kill them is to create a large enough hole so that they cannot cover it up, and the bacteria die due to exposure to oxygen.

    Unholy Zombies: created supernaturally. and because they're supernatural, you cant kill 'em. we're boned.

    either way you look at it, the most effective would be something like a shotgun since it makes a big hole, and can literally take someone head off. a knife would SLICE the brain, not destroy it. and since it SLICES, its not a big hole so the bacteria can create a film to cover it in no time.

    for these reasons and more, i always have a backpack full of everything i need in my trunk (food, clothes, gas mask, paracord, etc.) a Gerber survival knife, and a 12 gauge. im all set.

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    wow, have we all been watching the walking dead or something?? lol

    because i dont use a lot of axes, pistols, or mountain climbing gear in my kitchen, i would have to go with the deba just because its the toughest knife i own
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    This is 14 inches long at the edge, light weight for speed, sever the head and on to the next:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seb View Post
    Blunt, heavy implement is best
    So.... Wusthof?

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    If you end up getting surrounded you can go out like Billy.

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    People keep the strangest things in their kitchens apparently.

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    I know, right? I thought this was for kitchen things!

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