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Thread: Trade - Konosuke HD 270 Stainless western handle

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    Trade - Konosuke HD 270 Stainless western handle


    I have a Konosuke HD 270 Stainless westren handle in as new condition, never been sharpened, its been used maybe 10-20 times for a few minutes so say 1-2 hours total. It will come in box as new.

    However im not looking to seel, im looking to trade for a nice 240 or 270 western handled gyuto with with a slightly thicker blade, i would also be open to offers of anything else interesting.

    Worst case is give me a shout and we dont work it out.


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    PM sent...

    EDIT: Actually, PM not sent... you need to empty out some of your mailbox.

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    Any pics?

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