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Thread: my wife won one. she got Japanese....

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    Quote Originally Posted by parbaked View Post
    You would only puke in a bidet once...unless you have a maid to clean up after you...
    I've done it a few times. Idk what kind yours had but mine had a drain and you could fill it up like a sink and drain it like one too. Idk about you but when I am sick I don't think about such things.


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    I had one when I lived in japan and will never be without one again. My folks came to visit and started bidet shopping as soon as they got home. Now, when I go visit my mom, I get to use the “fancy toilet”. I don’t really want to say it’s life changing, but it kinda is.

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    it's life changing.

    i wont need to buy TP at costco anymore. just a 6-pack will last a long time now. well, i still blow my nose with TP. hehe.

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