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Thread: Buying a wok

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    Yeah, I've been there.

    Don't drink out of ornamental ponds in Tiergarten. You will get sick.

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    Ouch. Looks like Leidenfrost let you down...

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    To avoid flashpoint, use a Thermapen or similar so you don't overheat the oil. That's a risk with some of these ad-hoc outdoor turkey fryer rigs, or a restaurant-grade wok burner. When deep frying, I check with a Thermapen (after backing down the heat for a second to avoid overheating my hand from the surrounding flame). On any decent wok burner, even the 30,000 btu kitchen version I use, heating the relatively small amount of oil used for deep frying in a wok comes up really fast to frying temp.

    Make sure your wok is stable too, especially if deep frying. Our 16" wok sits pretty deep inside the wok burner with the middle ring removed. Very stable. Some of the home setups I've seen with a ring to support a round-bottom wok above a flat burner don't look stable enough. Then again, you may not get the oil up to frying temp anyway, with that setup.

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