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Thread: You ever walk off a Job?

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    Involves Germans. Lots of Germans.
    "feel like a dick"

    Watch "team america", and what is said multiple times about being a dick.

    "All right. So whatdya do with it?" - "Whatdya mean 'Whatdya do with it?" - "Self defense? Mayhem? Shish kebab?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by NO ChoP! View Post
    he emptied the safe, and following days till, I left and never went back.
    Not even for the coke?!

    Just kidding, of course.

    Chris's Old Boss:

    ****** SPOILER *******

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    1993, summer before eighth grade, in Maine minors laboring raking blueberry fields was a common first job. Worked a couple back breaking weeks, the supervisor had me re raking the parts of the fields that the skilled rakers had already raked. We got paid by how many gallons we raked so I was making about two dollars per hour, less than half of minimum wage. As an aside I watched the supervisor fire a whole family on the field, mom dad kids, yelling at them loudly. I had enough at some point and raked all day and gave the vast majority of the blue berries to my cousin. I turned in a few buckets of berries and he wrote my ticket that I had worked two hours instead of 8. I told him I knew of minimum wage laws and that he owed me minimum wage for 8 hours. I thought that huge redneck was going to tear my head off. I stood my ground and got my 8 hour ticket. He screamed at a 13 year old that I would never "work in the blue berry fields of Maine ever again" He was right!

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