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Thread: new video... ideas?

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    Digging up old bones…

    As if you don’t already have enough to do, I have an idea for a new video. This one is purely selfish.

    How about tips, tricks and pitfalls of sharpening knives with super-thin edges and tips, such as, well almost all of the high-end knives you sell.

    Sharpening a knife with a super thin edge, such as a Heiji or a Shigefusa, poses different challenges than a “normal” Japanese knife, especially at the tip. Demonstrating things to be aware of such as the actual angles at the primary and secondary bevels, pressure, rotation and lifting the handle when sharpening the tip would be very beneficial. And anything else that I’m missing.

    From my own experience, many of these things were not immediately apparent to me when I went from a normal knife to a Heiji, and now I’m a little sketchy when it comes to sharpening super-thin knives.

    Thanks Jon. mpp

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    Great idea. even some with flex at the end would be cool too. (can't remember if it was brought up in this thread)

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    anyway you could do a comparison of edges from different grit stones? Like say for new people trying to decide on what grits they want not having any clue, i knew for me it was difficult to decide.

    But like take a knife and show how a 1k cuts and a 4k or etc just curious thought it may help some people out.

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    i've got a running list of videos i'm looking to do when i have some time... i'd be happy to add these videos to the list. Damn, i need some help here

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    I really like the live stream. It showcases a lot of stones in one go, how they work in concert with each other and how they work on different knives. Also, to expand the Japanese Knife Society videos. I liked that this series pays attention to grip and ergonomics. It would be nice to see more of your knives in action!


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