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Thread: new video... ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    Shaving with yanagiba?

    Edit > fish scaler

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    How about shaving with a fingerstone?
    Spike C
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    haha... you guys have seen my arms in my videos, right? I'm a hairy guy Shaving is already a pain in the ass

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    Jon, I'm also a hairy guy, but if its a pain in the ass, ou just might be lathering up the wrong cheeks!

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    Okaaaaay... TMI, lol. Seriously though, being hairy just means you can do shaving vids with lots of different objects. A few months ago, I gave up shaving with knives for straights exclusively. I do miss it sometimes.

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    Just make sure to wear eye protection.


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    Quote Originally Posted by UglyJoe View Post
    I wouldn't mind some more vids on some of the series of knives you carry... maybe some of Suisin knives or an overview of all the Gesshin knives you've had so far, particularly the Hides.

    These are my favorites. You should absolutely do a short "show and tell" video for every line you carry, especially those unique to JKI.

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    I will definitely do that over time... as for this week's video, i think i'll try to do a talk about stone lineups, when i go back to sharpen my knives, how i can keep things consistent, and maybe (if i can pull it off in time) a demo of what different edgefeels are like

    Hopefully shooting tomorrow, but maybe sunday

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