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Thread: Honesuki talk

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    Quote Originally Posted by StonedEdge View Post
    Fyi all blanket statements are incorrect.

    But anyone who took my statement as an attempt to give a definitive definition of a honesuki needs to go back to school.

    Truth of the matter is that the vast majority of honesuki out there are not true single bevel. Someone who doesn't know a whole lot about them may order a misono or tojiro thinking it will have hollow ground ura will be in for a shock

    To say that honesuki generally are true single bevel knives is the actually misleading statement.

    Either way it doesn't change anything to me as i have mine and am not looking to reinvent the wheel (yet).

    Carry on.
    My point is that not everyone knows a super lot about knives. This IS their school and they are learning as they go just like we all did once. New guys reading these threads can get the wrong idea. So when you say, "Honesuki do not have ura and are not true single bevel knives" the simple use of the word "most" at the beginning of that statement corrects it. If someone said "honesuki generally are true single bevel knives" well that's just not the case either.

    But that's just me pedanting again.

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    I think I’m most curious... and I would have to talk to somebody doing SERIOUS chicken.. whether a yakitori place or just breaking them down for service..why honesuki...vs western deba? Or Big petty with a tough microbevel...or..single bevel, beautiful ura, deba with a serious backside microbevel. Other than (and that may be the deciding factor).. that the shape and geometry is the key. Chefs worry about “nasty chicken juice” in a wa handle setting...vs yo. I am really into fried chickens...and very happy with a dual duty between my arigutsu garisuki and munetoshi butcher. Not sure which is better.

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    Water just posted a sweet single bevel Garasuki on BST. Legit single bevel with ura.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mise_en_place View Post
    A very useful thing on a honesuki, in my opinion, is a spine that has NOT been rounded. The "sharp" spine really helps scraping meat off the bone.

    Overall, I prefer my honesuki to:

    - Be semi-stainless (or well-patinated carbon) for ease of sharpening and low reactivity
    - Have at least a portion (preferably closer to the handle) of the spine unrounded
    - Have a thick spine
    - Have a slight sweep, rather than a dead-flat profile
    - Have a mini K-tip to maneuver in joints more easily
    - Have a handle that does not get too slippery from all the fat/moisture
    - Be at least 150mm on the edge
    I still think it would be nice to have the spine rounded close to the handle-wouldn’t use that area for scraping anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danzo View Post
    Water just posted a sweet single bevel Garasuki on BST. Legit single bevel with ura.
    I think Water is selling the budget masamoto line. For a single bevel I would go for a white 2 steel for that super sharpness on the edge.

    On a side note, I have a single bevel mazaki petty and it has everything I need for butchering. Very versatile. It only lacks the pointy tip top edge of the honesuki. But that does not affect my work at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fatboylim View Post
    I think Water is selling the budget masamoto line.
    it might also be tsujiki (?)

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    a petty works just fine and is a lot more useful

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    Quote Originally Posted by panda View Post
    a petty works just fine and is a lot more useful
    But you can't call it a "Honesuki" and when people ask *** is that, you can't say Chicken Knife

    Yes Water's garasuki is indeed Tsujiki Masamoto, still a nice one

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