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Thread: Root Vegetables - What knife

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    I absolutly love my Yoshikane 240 gyuto on the root vegies and Fall/Winter cooking.

    This knife tends to get set aside in the Summer for the lighter offerings from the field; in lieu of thinner, lighter, and shorter blades.
    But it is truly one of my stars for this time of year when mixing up ingredients for stews, soups, roasts, etc.

    I smile every time I pick it up and take it out of it's hot weather hibernation...

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    Pumpkins- CCK pigsticker
    Parsnips, etc- Hattori FH 240
    Butternuts- Mundial 5150 8"

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    I have had no issues with my new Kochi when it comes to root veg. Lets hear it for KU finishes

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    Del Ealy new shaped gyuto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr drinky View Post
    The heel of one of my gyutos usually, but when I want to have fun I use my nakiri. I still love my cheap tosagato nakiri, but I am usually trying to test out my other knives that I don't use it as much these days.

    I'm a nakiri guy too. They're great for this particular application.

    Lately I'd probably go for my new Shiggy Gyuto, obviously because it's my new Shiggy gyuto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unkajonet View Post
    I had a discussion with Jon about this a while back, using double bevel knives. A laser will give you less wedging issues, but with the thicker knives, a slight change in technique will get the job done effectively too. Maybe a subject for another JKI vid?
    Okay. I'm curious as to what this technique is. Spill, unka.

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