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Thread: Saya Making Stuff

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    Saya Making Stuff

    A couple weeks back I posted a thread of the first saya I made. I did not have the proper tools to make a saya but I tried with what I had laying around anyhow. I was happy with the end result but I decided if I was going to make more that I should invest in some proper tool.

    I purchased a 1/4" and a 1/2" hatachi white steel japanese made chisel and a pair of hand planes. I also got some new wood, tulip, zircote,olive,and some purpleheart.

    I'm now ready to try again!

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    Looking forward to seeing some results especially that purpleheart.

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    Very nice, I like those hand planes.

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    That is a fantastic purchase! know we need a person to do sayas around here now that marko has turned his thoughts to steel and machines.....just sayin

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    Yes, it is a good start and I am glad somebody is doing it.

    It's hard to pursue too many hobbies at once. Time and concentration is in short supply.


    "If there’s something worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.” - An US saying.

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    How's this going? You still interested in making custom sayas?

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    Yeah Im still interested. My problem at the moment is my limited access to larger wood working tools. I do have a friend with everything I need but it is hard to arrange shop time with him as he is a busy man. I will be getting to his shop in the next couple of days and I should have another one made soon.
    I hope to see some improvement from the first one,I will post a photo when I'm finished.

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