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Thread: In need of a quality workhorse stone (or two)

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    Quote Originally Posted by labor of love View Post
    Which knives are you using all those stones for?
    Tanaka G3 and B#2 210's
    Masamoto KS 240
    Konosuke HD2 240
    Misono Dragon 270/240/180
    Masakage Yuki 210
    Gesshin Ginga 210 (white #2)
    Fujiwara FKH 180
    Watanabe 165 santoku
    Tojiro 165 santoku

    Asorted Miyabi, shun etc as well. Petty knives and a few honesuki as well.

    I have had probably about a dozen catch and release as well. No single bevels other than the Tojiro Yani tester I had for awhile simply to check scratch patterns but I find a wide bevel works fine for that.

    19 naturals and 6 synthetics are currently on the rack in rotation and others have been catch and release.

    Honestly, I really just love to sharpen and don't NEED to do it that often which is why I keep around 'testers' to dull out and sharpen also try in different natural progressions to see how the wide(ish) bevel polishes up. (Tojiro shirogami and Takana KU.)

    Edit: If you count the knives that I keep sharpened for my wife, can be quite the chore, there is also the Misono UX-10 180, Suisin inox western 180, 150 and 90mm knives. I sharpen my mothers knives too. Also Suisin Inox western. (Those like a binsui finish most of the time.)


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    Quote Originally Posted by daveb View Post
    Going in with a Sharpton is analogous to buying a Food Saver as your first vacuum sealer. Yes they work, and some work well but you're going to go for a mid range strip sealer soon and then end up with a chamber sealer. And then wonder why you didn't start there in the first place.
    As someone who started with a chamber vac, this makes sense. But with that said, thereís still way more information about the Shaptons available online. Some really donít appear to like the feel/feedback of the JKI 1K diamond. Still, the set has quite the allure. I got the Shapton mostly because it was a third the price and seemed to be well enough regarded. Iím sure itís only a matter of time before I try thr JKI stones and see what Iím missing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K813zra View Post
    Idk, 34 natural stones in (yeah, I ordered another one) and dozens of synthetics and I still love my shapton pro 2k. Probably one of my favorite stones of all time. Maybe that makes me a masochist or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by btbyrd View Post
    Some really donít appear to like the feel/feedback of the JKI 1K diamond. Still, the set has quite the allure.
    They really don't feel bad at all. Nothing like a DMT diamond plate. I am just partial to the feedback of the 1.2k bester. I still use the JKI 1k vitrified more often. It doesn't clog up (bester does a little bit), just needs a splash, leaves a better edge and doesn't require flattening (for the most part). I think it is mostly out of nostalgia that I soak up the bester for a session from time to time.

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