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Thread: Voice Your Concerns

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    An idea. Perhaps charge a small fee for hobbiyst type makers/members who can post things about their own work in one separate forum? It would remove the doubt and there wouldn't be such a gray area around this topic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vertigo View Post
    ...paid vendors will kill this place, just like they killed KF...
    This is my main concern although self-promotion, in general could be a problem.

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    I can understand the paying to sell aspect. I value this forum as a great source of information and a valuable tool for design work and real life feedback.

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    A dedicated photo gallery would be nice. And a mission statement that's re-posted every couple of months or so. That way new members can't claim ignorance.

    How the bans are set up I think should be entirely up to Dave and the moderators. As long as the rules are posted, then it shouldn't be a problem. I'm not sure I agree with the suggestion of letting the entire forum know when someone has "broken the law" though...I'm not a fan of public reprimands, and feel they should best be done (at least at first) in private.

    The things that really bother me are actually the things that are not really in anyone's control: people popping off and insulting others when they don't know the whole story. People misrepresenting themselves by telling outright lies about who, or what, they are (the fake soulfly thing, people claiming to be women, when they aren't, etc.). But I really don't know what can be done about that. That's more of a commentary on a few individuals than the forum in general. Free speech is one thing, but rudeness and lies are something else entirely...

    I think KKF is a GREAT forum, and I'm really thankful for it being set up, and all the cool members who contribute to it.

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    Just a side admin issue. When a person is going to be banned, it would be nice to give them 24 - 48 hours to 'clean' up pending PM threads assuming they are an otherwise upstanding member and did not commit something really egregious. This would allow other forum members not to be adversely affected too much by a ban. God forbid if Marko got banned and didn't have access to his PMs

    This comm-block has happened only a couple of times to me when I have tried to contact someone who unbeknownst to me was banned, but it does happen. Also, when PM'ing someone who is banned, it would be useful to have an explicit notice of dates and maybe the option for the banned member to post a forwarding e-mail. Just thinking. One time when I PM'd someone it just said something like "the member may have turned off PM" or something like that. I was confused.

    "There's only one thing I hate more than lying…skim milk, which is water that's lying about being milk." -- Ron Swanson

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    I'll be talking about all these things with the moderator team and see what we can do to make some improvements.

    Thanks for all the input guys, it's very helpful. Please keep them coming.

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    I was looking today on KKF and come to conclusion that we soon can call it "Vendor Forum" and not KKF, vendors fills out more and more of this forum

    I sugest only one Vendors Corner where Vendors and small hobbyist can make they own Threads.
    And you can have 2 badges: 1 Vendor that can have big avatar and banner in segniture line
    And Hobbyist that pay less price without banner and big avatar.
    But all of them can post in that Vendors Corner.

    Just some ideas

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    Personally, I like have the vendors on the site. I haven't really noticed much bleed over from promotion / biz dev from the vendor sub forums bleeding over into the rest of the site.

    I think that writing a mission statement, rules, and a general code of conduct is a good idea, but that it shouldn't be too restrictive. what often happens with rules and laws is that they are writen with the criminal / worst 1% in mind and they end up impinging on the liberties of the law abiding 99%.

    i also agree that there should be a low cost option for the hobbyist like darkhoek so that they can post links to blogs or work without getting in trouble. maybe one big hobbyist sub forum where paying.hobbyists can start posts?

    lastly, ill say that i really wouldnt mind a few unobtrusive ads. especially if they kept you from losing money and reduced the costs for vendors and hobbyists.

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    The hobbyists have a forum now, they just need to use it. I like the way the forums are set up now, I can find what I need where I expect it to be. I appreciate the work that's done behind the scenes to keep things on track here.
    Spike C
    "The Buddha resides as comfortably in the circuits of a digital computer or the gears of a cycle transmission as he does at the top of a mountain."

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    We're listening to all comments and taking notes. Changes will be happening to make KKF even better.

    You can count on changes being made to clarify what the rules are and to straighten out the vendor/knifemaker/hobbyist issue as the first things we do.

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