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Thread: Voice Your Concerns

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    From a vendors point of view:

    I appreciate the opportunity to showcase my goods within the rules Dave has specified. I pay for that right and try very hard not to abuse it.

    IMHO, anyone who accepts money for their work is a vendor and should be treated as such. The gray area of a hobbyist who takes on projects for payment needs to be addressed plainly. As such, I believe that anyone who accepts payment for their labors, hobbyist or professional, is a vendor and needs to be labeled as such. However, the hobbyist who makes knives as a pure hobby, accepting no commissions from forum members, is indeed different and the rules need to address their work.

    On another forum I was belittled by the owner for what he called my passive marketing. I pushed the rules a little and was slapped so rather than pay his enormous fee for a miniscule rotating banner, I stopped posting there altogether. Daves fees are fair and the rules, as I understand them, are plain.

    My 2 cents worth. I'm sure Dave and the moderators will come up with some tweaks that will help us all.
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    Dave, first off, thanks for the venue.

    Growing pains are natural on any venture and will assist in focusing the direction of the undertaking.

    W/O sounding too much like a kiss ass, you offered your vast knowledge/experience very freely on the "other forum" for quite a while, so I take some umbrage that some would question any nefarious financial or fairness motives here.

    You are not gonna please everyone... so it would seem, the clearer the vision you have here, the less resulting headaches you might avoid.

    That said, I too see this as a "Gentlemen's Forum" (members that assist in policing themselves and others) as being paramount to it's success.

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    My input as a new member

    1 - Im not really in a position to comment on the whole who is a vendor and who is not a vendor issue but i do know that this site is nice and clean to look at, KF looks like cheap hong kong billboard, i would hate that to happen.

    2 - I woud much rather have a well controlled forum like KKF that keeps the whole tone positive and friendly that one where individuals get on their soapbox about things and start dictating. Nothing will drive someone away quicker than asking a simple question that starts a flame war amongst the trolls.

    3 - The comments about to much input by vendors, this effectively making it a selling forum. I strongly disagree with this, the vendors here have been nothing except friendly and helpful, there has been no hard sell or even suggestion " buy this from me" at the end of the day the vendors are also experts in the field, no offence to the regulars but advice from someone who makes a living at something carries more weight. A lot of times the advise is to someone who is totally new and knows very little about the subject so basic sound advice form a vendor is very welcome. Its a bit like cars, would take advice on a new engine from an expert driver (Chef/knife user ) or from an expert engine designer ?

    4 - To echo the picture thing, its clunky as heck !!


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    Quote Originally Posted by welshstar View Post the end of the day the vendors are also experts in the field, no offence to the regulars but advice from someone who makes a living at something carries more weight...
    This is unfortunately not always true and something that new people wouldn't be able to discern without some help and experienced folk would either without actually inspecting and using a sample.

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    Dave, I am pleased with this forum and how it stands (aside from all that shiny stuff ) and as a hobbiest I know nothing about the vender issues short of what I have read here. I love the fact that there is no Ads flashing about... that got way to annoying and I eventually just stopped going there. All my firends from the other forums are here so... Me Happy

    I have learned to deal with the pics issue and it's a non issue for me. I'm sure as we grow things will morph into a more streamlined forum with all the bells and whistles. However I'm still enjoying the "small town" feel here and enwill enjoy it while I can.

    Keep it up all

    One thought on website/blog links, I don't recall if there was a way to add the links to the personal profile page. One clicks on the avatar and sees the info posted there, would such a link system work here or not? It's how I usually check out personal websites and such on other forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by welshstar View Post
    at the end of the day the vendors are also experts in the field, no offence to the regulars but advice from someone who makes a living at something carries more weight.
    I'm gonna +1 TK's response to this, and ask you to reconsider it.

    Vending a product in no way implies understanding. Remember one of the fundamental rules of sales: you don't market a product, you market yourself.

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    If welshy is writing about the vendors here I think that he is right. Other sites, not so much. The difference is that not just anyone can be a vendor here.
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    My only request is not to go with the ads.
    If you do include ads, hopefully supporting members will be exempt from them.
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    It would seem to be simple to have a policy that does not allow any links to commercial sites, unless the site belongs to a vendor or hobbyist. A clear distinction, on the difference between a vendor and hobbyist would be helpful.

    My concern with the forum is being able to fully discuss a subject. The most controversial figure on this forum is Mark ******** from CKTG. While I don't feel there should be any links to his site. It would be nice to discuss a product that a vendor on this site has made without going into the whole he who shall not be named routine.

    Some of the discussions, that I learn the most from are the ones where a person's opinion is challenged. As long as the argument, even if it gets heated, is staying on point, then hopefully it would be allowed to continue. As soon as it turns into a name calling match, that's when it should be ended.


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    Hi Jay,
    I just wanted to comment on the CKTG thing and state that people are welcome, and have always been welcome, to talk about that place, their products, or the man behind the scenes, etc. The censoring done is to his company name, personal name, & links. The only thing that we're controlling is to not promote that business. Anyone doing the "he who shall not be named" routine is choosing to do so of their own will.

    Thanks for your input here!


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