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Thread: 1 Movie to Rewatch for the first time

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    1 Movie to Rewatch for the first time

    If you could erase every memory of ever seeing one movie, and watch it again for the first time ever, what would it be?

    Mine: The Godfather. I saw it when I was a LITTLE kid for the first time, and didn't really get it all. As I watched it again and again as I grew up, I understood more and more of it, but never got the experience of really taking in the whole movie as an appreciating adult. I still love it, it's one of the all-time greats, but I wish I could see it again, understanding everything, and not knowing what is going to happen next!

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    The Matrix

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    All of Kubrick's movies. Most of Hitchcock's & Scorsese's as well.
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    Just one, sir! That's the challenge. Picking just. one.

    Quote Originally Posted by unkajonet View Post
    The Matrix
    I find the Matrix to be infinitely re-watchable. It's great every time.

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    I would love to see The Terminator on the big screen, it's one of my favorite movies and I've only experienced it on TV.

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    Blazing Saddles

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    Caddy Shack

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    Harlem Nights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by macmiddlebrooks View Post
    Yes. This is probably my favorite movie of all and one that never loses its intensity in rewatching. I would, however, be interested to find out how I would react to seeing it for the first time now. I've introduced a lot of people who aren't normally scifi or horror fans to it and it always gets a good reception, so I wonder how things would be if the tables were turned.
    - Erik

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