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Thread: spicy white steel

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    Quote Originally Posted by tk59 View Post
    Very nice! Looks like a narrow profiled gyuto. I like it!
    x2 profile looks great! And I really like the light handle
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    Yes. sir. Actually, I use John White's trick of cutting the corner off of a ziploc bag. Cheaper than messing up your pastry bag.
    Quote Originally Posted by tgraypots View Post
    I understand the satanite part, but are you saying apply it like decorating a cake, through a little nozzle?

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    I like the narrower profile, maybe my favorite profile of yours to date!

    The cladding looks more even behind the edge towards the tip than your previous san mai prototypes. Did you construct this one differently? Forge the tip a little to spread the stainless out a bit more to cover the core?
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    Man, Devin - I'm really, really liking the profile and steel of this knife! I agree w/ a previous post - this could be my ideal gyuto!!!

    What is the grind like? How thin behind the edge and at the spine?

    Are you gonna make this knife with this steel available for your customers to purchase? Cheers!!! mpp

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    The owner should get it today. I cut with the knife for a couple of hours and love it. It held up very well.

    We'll see what the owner thinks. Should be able to offer some for sale some time.


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    Hey, is that my wallet running away and hiding in a dark corner?

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    Wow, exciting stuff Devin! I'm very interested in this too...and by the time my spot in line comes up, you'll have mastered it 8 times over.

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