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Thread: Here we go again.

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    Holy crap. That is uninhabitable.

    I mean, I really feel that extreme heat is worse than extreme cold...but that is just outrageous. So what, do you just try to not blink? Won't your eyeballs freeze?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PierreRodrigue View Post
    Yeah, for those who have walked outside, blinked, and didn't have their eyelashes freeze together instantly, just don't understand!
    You bring back so many frozen memories Pierre (but not good ones).

    When I was young and walking to school (my nearest big town was Winnipeg just to put it in perspective), we often had to consciously blink our eyes every second or so in order that they wouldn't freeze open. And if you forgot...that next blink was a lot harder.

    Then there were the two times my lungs froze up on me, one of which resulted in me passing out. I blame that one on my Dad, I only got a ride to school once in my life due to cold and that was when the raw temp was negative 60 F and windchill was negative 80-90 F below (and for those metric people out there that is around -65 C).

    I feel for you Pierre, and btw, I like you avatar

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    @ Eamon, wow, that was the best full on laugh I had in a long time! As for the eyeballs? Not frozen, but frost burn, yes, hurts like a be-otch!

    @ mr drinky, Winnipeg, oh, that sucks! Thats where walk in freezers go to chill out! lol! Last winter the coldest day I worked, was 9 hours in the bush, still air was -58C wind chill -76C lets see in Farienheit -72F with a chill of -105F ish. Pee on a tree, and it freezes before it can make it to the ground! We were 20 miles south of the North West Territory border.

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    I don't miss seasons. Been in souther California since 2000, and can not imagine moving back to cold. Airforce brat growing up, so lived in plenty of cold places, including Michigan, but I will take the warm place and year round golf thank you.

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