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Thread: Welcome Devin!

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    Welcome Devin!

    No introductions necessary for this man....welcome Devin!

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    Great to have you here! Welcome.

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    Hoss is in the house!

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    Devin! Good to see you made it over here, all the boys showed up! Loved that bubble wrap suji! Wow!

    Feel free to visit my website,

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    I like the feather damascus, would like to see more of that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by swarfrat View Post
    Hoss is in the house!

    We should call this Hoss' House

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    Welcome !

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    Thanks guys,

    Feels good to be home.

    Love and respect


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    Never thought I'd see a Devin Thomas forum.

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    This must be Devin Thomas 2.0.1

    "All beauty that has no foundation in use, soon grows distasteful and needs continuous replacement with something new." The Shakers' saying.

    If my KKF Inbox is full (or not), please contact me via Email:

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