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Thread: Julia Child on Knives and knife skills

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    Where's Julia?

    The Youtube link is no longer active. Any idea what show included the clip mentioned here? (I'm hoping to get it from Amazon or iTunes or ????) Thanks

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    Hi Janesgrains
    we had a discussion on this from your message.
    and it is The french Chef volume 5/episode 1 / The French Onion Soup episode.
    and yes Amazon OR I TUNES

    and welcome to the forum.

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    Chewie's the man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deanb View Post
    I always loved Julia and this video brought back memories. Liked when she said a knife should be able to take an edge rather than hold an edge. Those old French carbon knives really do take a good edge. Anybody have any idea how hard they were (RC wise)?
    Don't expect all French carbons to be created equal. Especially immediatly after WWI the steel could be British or from occupied Germany, and probably made from Swedish ore. In these years the HT was not controlled as it is nowadays. Generally speaking these steels are quite soft compared to our standards, expect some 54Rc. You may encounter exceptions though. The Nogent Son sent me a few months ago behaves like a 58Rc steel, as it takes and holds an edge of some 25 degree inclusive, where one would rather expect a 30-35 degree inclusive.

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    It appears as if the video was removed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Customfan View Post
    It appears as if the video was removed
    Read back a few posts for your answer...

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    Thanks for the welcomes and info.

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