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Thread: Best knife for butchering deer?

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    Best knife for butchering deer?

    My BIL has been on a killing spree this year, bagging a buck with a bow and a big doe with a 30-30. He's butchering them himself and needs a proper knife. I'm thinking of giving him a Tojiro honesuki. Any other thoughts in that price range or lower?

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    Field dressing or at home? I wouldn't want to deal with a Tojiro DP Honesuki in the woods.

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    At home. He already has a few knives for the field.

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    7 and 10 inch old hickory. To be had for about 15 bucks a piece. Some of my personal favorite knives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalaeb View Post
    7 and 10 inch old hickory. To be had for about 15 bucks a piece. Some of my personal favorite knives.
    Are you serious? If they're the right knives for the job that's great to know. In the 11 years I've known him he's only killed three deer so it's not like he'll use them often.

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    A 6 inch petty/utility and an 8-10 inch slicer, in my opinion. To be honest, Germans work well for this because of the toughness against bones, fragments and the "steelability" of the blades.

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    For the boning go French or Swiss or German; harder steels have to remain thicker to avoid chipping. For the slicer Fujiwara.

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    So far this season, there are 8 on the hook. I broke down, and with my brother in law's help, trimmed and wrapped 3 of them this morning (on top of tagging two, and field dressing them.) I used a 4" for boneing/breaking down, my parer was put to task. And had to use my suji for slicing steaks and stew meat. It was nice!!

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    the one time i've done this at home i used the same knife i've used in the field: a 6" 1963 Randall carbon skinner. i know it's a '63, because that's what the receipt my dad received, initialed by Bo Randall, says.

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    Thanks for the input everyone. Here's what I got him, all Victorinox Forschner Fibrox:
    5-in. Semi-Flexible Curved Boning Knife
    10-in. Cimeter Knife
    10-in. Sharpening Steel

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