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Thread: Haslinger and the site not to be named

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    Haslinger and the site not to be named


    On the site not to be named it states that Haslinger knives are for " the experienced cook " what exactly is this code for please ?


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    That's code for "if you want people to think you're an experienced cook." Seriously, the one I tried was not a bad knife. I just wouldn't want one.

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    It means they are $500. And you can totally say CKTG, or Chef Knives To Go. It's not Voldemort. There's just no linking.

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    Actually, it's OK to say "Voldemort" too, just takes some guts is all.

    I like Haslinger's grind lines. Graceful and kind of hard to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johndoughy View Post
    It means they are $500.
    this. although i will say they are a beautiful knife, and very finely crafted. And i'm not just saying this because i'm trying to sell one on another forum atm.

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    One thing is for sure, you won't confuse Haslinger's design with anybody else's. He also puts a wicked pointy tip on his blades.

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    The Haslinger knife that I tried a while back was a beautiful knife. Gorgeous lines and great build quality. The edge profile just didn't suit me though.

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    viva la revolucion !

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    Build quality or design? The passaround knife was a very pretty thing - it just wasn't so great in-use for me. It got a few comments from folks in my class at the time, but they were commenting on looks only.

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    I'm with Len on this one. I liked the knife a fair bit, and loved how it looked. You can tell Thomas puts some pride and talent into his work, for sure. If you like an ultra pointy tip, a shallower blade profile and a knife that cuts better than a Euro knife, but doesn't feel like a laser, they are very nice knives.

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