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Thread: Special Steel ???

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    Special Steel ???

    So i have a question for you knife makers.
    When i went to Japan i got something very special in gift from my vendor.

    It is very rare piece of steel only 1 blacksmith in japan that can forge it or working with it.
    It is completely depleted now and i got the last piece of it, it is more rare then Tamahagene and more pricy.

    It called "Togo-Reigou Steel"
    here are bit info about it

    So are anyone familiar with it ?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That is WAY cool. Keeping it original, or planning to forge something?
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    Very cool, Maxim.

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    That is pretty awesome! Maybe get a small glass case and display it with a description? Congrats.

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    I have not heard of it before. That is cool, and great for you, but I would like to know whats in it.

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    I am not steel expert at all ! But i will like to know more too

    Here what i found

    Very rare steel, "Tohgoh Reigo"
    This product uses Tohgoh Reigo bought from The Andrews Company, UK in the 1930's. "Tohgoh Reigo" is one of the highest class steels of The Andrews Company, it is a fusion of Japanese Tamahagane and the western steel and it has a high endurance.
    Since the production for this steel is declining and it has not been imported recently, its scarcity value is very high.

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    I am currently testing out a 240 Kiritsuke in Togo Reigo, so far it takes an incredible edge but I cant comment on the retention yet

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    Wow! that's pretty rad Maxim!!
    I've seen 70mm planes made of Togo-Reigou listed for $1.3k... Can't imagine what a 240 would run at

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