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Thread: Custom Hiromoto Group Buy #6 is ON!!!

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    Custom Hiromoto Group Buy #6 is ON!!!

    I've got less than one week to get my order in so if you're planning on getting in on this please do so ASAP.

    Please see Custom Hiromoto AS Group Buy for details


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    What? No etching option?


    Edit: I see now that etching is mentioned down in the description. My bad.
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    Couldn't get anyone to bite in such a short time at work.

    If anyone is considering this however, ACT FAST!!

    Thanks to Dave, I am now in possession of a beautiful 300mm flawless laser scalpel!!

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    Only a couple more days left to get in on this guys.

    few teaser shots below.

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    Today is the last day for getting in on this - I'll be placing the order tomorrow morning.


    Thanks everyone!

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