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Thread: Long term storage for carbon knives?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Rader View Post
    The "WD" is for water displacement - and it works.
    Not sure about the WD-40. When I worked in elevator repair we were given a directive to never use WD-40 on relay contacts.
    It worked to displace moisture, but left some sort of microscope evil resude that literally "ate" the contacts.

    I use a dedicated water displacement product before placing in VCI bags or/and using a VCI emitter.

    Boeshield T-9

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    WD40 is not good for plastics, or rubber which is why you don't want it anywhere near electronics. I've heard mixed things about its reactivity with copper, some say that it breaks down over time and thata what easTa the copper.
    However, I've NEVER heard a problem with it damaging carbon steel. The process that MR explained sounds good.

    The only thing that i would add is that you want to make sure that you don't get any of that crap on your handles. Wipe them with mineral oil then give em a thick coat of cutting board wax, then wrap with plastic wrap and secure with tape. THEN go about coating and wrapping the blades.

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